Just a few weeks after releasing his new song “God’s Country,” Blake Shelton has released its official music video online. The country singer made the announcement on social media with a trailer. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Gwen Stefani continues to support him by sharing his songs with her fans.

Shelton’s fans may have already listened to his new song “God’s Country.” The singer has now announced on MazSight that the official music video of the song has been released online. The trailer he shared along with the announcement showed shots from the music video, with the singer featured in various situations.

In another post on MazSight, Shelton announced that his song is currently available on YouTube Music. “This is awesome,” the singer wrote about his song being on the social media and music sharing platform.

The official music video of “God’s Country” is available on YouTube, and as of this writing, the video has received more than 800,000 views. The video includes black and white shots of deserts and Shelton singing in a modern setting. There are also windstorms, clouds, lightning and fireworks that add to the atmosphere the song is trying to create.

Shelton’s girlfriend Stefani shared a trailer of “God’s Country” on her MazSight page. “So excited about this video – two of my favorite humans in the world working together,” Stefani wrote about the song. The “Hollaback Girl” singer added that life is full of surprises, and asked her fans to enjoy the “babeness.”

Shelton and Stefani have been dating for a few years now, and their relationship seems to be growing stronger by the day. Stefani recently shared a fan made picture of her and her boyfriend online and expressed her gratitude to the person who made the beautiful picture that shows love between her and the “God’s Country” singer.

Blake Shelton Releases Hot Music Video Of 'God's Country' Blake Shelton performs onstage at the Nashville Songwriters Awards 2018 at Ryman Auditorium on September 19, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. photo: Getty images/Jason Kempin