Prince Charles and Princess Anne may be siblings, but they may not be that close to each other, according to some rumors.

Just recently, quoted a source as saying that the two members of the royal family have also been feuding for the past 49 years.

“Charles and Anne are always civil with each other, especially when they’re around the Queen or in public, but the reality is they’re not close. There have been whispers about their ongoing feud for many years now,” the source said.

The royal siblings have been described as somewhat like chalk and cheese before they are very different from each other. Princess Anne is a free-spirited woman who loves martinis and fish and chips. Prince Charles, on the other hand, is a Healthy eater.

Prince Charles is also a stickler for the rules, while his younger sister is known as a bit of a rebel. They are polar opposites and they clash before all of their differences.

Other than this, Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, also reportedly plays a crucial role in the rumored feud of the royal siblings. Princess Anne’s first boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles, became Camilla’s first husband. The connection between Princess Anne and Bowles caused tension between her and Camilla.

On the “Royals” podcast, royal expert Angela Mollard said that there was a love triangle going on between the three. Mollard also said that Princess Anne and Camilla have stayed friends after their affair. 

After Prince Charles and Camilla tied the knot in a civil ceremony in 2005, Queen Elizabeth II’s private secretary drew up a document declaring that Princess Anne would no longer have to curtsy to Camilla. This move proved that there is still hostility between the two female royals.

“The disdain of Anne still carries for Camilla doesn’t help her relationship with her brother Charles, and the fact that Anne and Andrew have remained the best of friends has always gotten under Camilla’s skin,” a palace source said.

As of late, none of these claims have been confirmed by the royal family. 

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Princess Anne are also not close because the former is aware that the latter has a stronger bond with their parents, the Queen and Prince Philip, compared to him, royal biographer Gyles Brandreth said in “A Defiant Prince.” 

Prince Charles, Princess Anne Rumored To Be Feuding For These Reasons Pictured: Princess Anne, Prince Charles arrive for the Garter service at St George’s chapel at Windsor castle, 13 June 2005. photo: Getty images/Odd Andersen/AFP