17 Moments At The Isle Of Wight Festival That Kick Started Summer 2015

Summer is here, which means sipping cider in a pub garden, marvelling at the cost of a 99 Flake these days and of course FESTIVALS!

Here in the UK we’re spoiled when it comes to festival fun thanks to Glastonbury, Bestival, Reading, Latitude, Secret Garden Party but this year we decided to kick things off with a trip down to the legendary Isle of Wight.

Celebrating 45 years since the one and only Jimi Hendrix took to the stage in Newport, this year’s line-up had to be seen to be believed.

Here are 17 of the OMG moments that made our festival.

1. Getting totally washed out on Friday night watching The Black Keys but getting our groove on just the same.

2. Losing our minds dancing to The Prodigy who, by the way, don’t seem to have aged a day in 20 years.

3. Fresh, hot doughnuts at 1am to recover from some epic raving

4. Waking up to a flat white from Smiling Eyes coffee company every morning. Yes, they were worth the queue.

5. Adopting Jessie Ware as our new spirit animal. From the sleek styling to that voice, Ms Ware is our new soul sister.

6. Ciders in the sunshine listening to James Bay kill it.

7. When Blur frontman Damon Albarn admitted he’d lost his voice the day before and thought he wouldn’t be able to make it but battled through like a trooper, drinking what looked like honey and lemon the whole time.

8. Singing along to ‘Girls and Boys’ like it’s 1994.

9. Looking at the line-up and feeling like you’re in a time warp. Blur, The Prodigy, The Lightning Seeds, The Charlatans. Clearly it’s not just 90s fashion making a comeback.

10. Steak sandwiches fresh off this bad boy. YUM.

11. Watching Paolo Nutini whip the ladies into a frenzy with his dulcet tones and impressive chest rug. Overheard: ‘JUST GET IN MY BED!’

12. A-mazing burgers from Kua’Aina, who made the trip all the way down from London. Cheers lads.


14. Being in the presence of the woman, the legend Stevie Nicks

15. The Chain, You Make Lovin Fun, Go your Own Way, Rhiannon, Everywhere. Too many hits to name.

16. Stevie Nicks dedicating Landslide to Dave Grohl, who broke his leg on stage in Sweden on Friday but still played a two-and-a-half hour set.

17. Perfectly timed fireworks for Fleetwood Mac’s encore, Don’t Stop, rounding off a pretty perfect festival.

[5SOS’ Michael SET ON FIRE Live On Stage]

[EPIC Celeb Stage Falls]

Colin Lecher

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