5 questions you SHOULD be asking your gyno

How many drinks can I have per week?

Inadvertently, a lot of women drink well over the recommended limit of one drink per day or seven per week. “When I make my patients do the real math with me, they flip out,” says Ashton. Troubling, since just one quaff a day has been linked to an 11 percent higher risk for breast cancer.

Should I get a clinical breast exam?

These in-office physical breast exams–they cover the entire chest area and should take at least three full minutes–are effective at finding potential trouble spots. If your doc offers one, say yes; if she doesn’t bring it up, you should, says Ashton.

What are the real risks of oral sex?

Oral cancer cases are rising, and more than half of them are caused by HPV, an STD that can spread to your mouth via oral sex. Ask your doc to go over the details, and watch out for persistent mouth sores or coughs, says Berman.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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