5 Second Of Summer Fans Are NOT Happy About Calum’s Naked Video But ARE Excited For Derp Con

Friday 29th August 2014. The day that the blood pressure of 5SOS fans quadrupled.

Fans of the australian pop-punk band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, have had a stressful 24 hours after an exciting announcement of the first fan convention, Derp Con, was followed by a naked video of bass player Calum Hood leaking online.

Although Calum made light of the situation and didn’t really seem overly bothered by the leak – after all, his face isn’t even in the video so he could have just pulled the old “it wasn’t me” line and it all would have just stayed a rumour -, the fans are FURIOUS.

And hell hath no fury like a dedicated fan scorned.

Before the video had even finished playing the fandom had created a variety of hastags to show their unwavering support for Calum, including: #WeLoveYouCalum and, perhaps more dramatically, #SaveCalumHood.

SAVE?? Is he unwell??

No, no – a vast majority of fans just seem to believe that management will DROP the band because of the leak.

We can’t quite fathom why a record company would drop one of their biggest artists because a video that 18-year-old Calum made in private was leaked onto the internet, but who are we to argue?

He isn’t even doing anything particularly weird or embarrassing in the six second video.


Not that we’ve watched it, of course. 

But according to irate 5SOS fans, those six seconds could have ruined the band forever and they’re getting a *tad* dramatic about it all:

Calm down guys, we really do think that he is okay about it all…

And the rest of the band don’t seem too worried either…

On the more positive side of the emotional spectrum, the band have also announced their plans for Derp Con.

Set to be a fan convention taking place in Los Angeles in November, 5SOS are offering worldwide competitions for fans to win a trip to LA, tickets to the con AND tickets to their show on top of that.


This was much happier news for the fans, although some of them seemed quite worried about their chances of winning access:

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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