5 Seconds Of Summer Forced To Change Tally Logo Due To Copyright Issues

We’ve got some bad news if, like us, you were quite the fan of 5 Seconds of Summer‘s tally logo, because they’ve been forced to ditch it over copyright issues.

We are very much the heartbreak girl right now, and we’re not sure whether to cry or, er, cry.

5 Seconds Of Summer Forced To Change Tally Logo Due To Copyright Issues
By MazSight

Probably cry.

Yep, the five most attractive musically gifted lads to come out of Australia (in our minds, anyway) have been rocking their infamous tally logo since day dot, but now one store is allegedly claiming that the boys copied their logo.


‘Undefeated’ are apparently ‘suing’ 5SOS for ‘copying’ their design, even though the shop’s logo is perhaps a bit more MS Paint that the band’s version.

Still, it seems the boys’ logo is too similar to the shop’s logo for them to get away with, and they’ve been forced to design a new one.


This is what the band’s new skull logo looks like, and as much as we miss the tally, we have to give them props for designing something pretty cool under pressure.

Still, considering the original tally logo meant so much to the fandom, they’ve been pretty vocal when it comes to voicing their opinions on the change.

One fan even tweeted Calum to try and persuade him to change it back, but alas, not even he has enough godlike powers to make the change.

Others were uniting to remind us all why the tally was SO important:

One way to ticket to the city of FEELS please.

Also this:

Some fans even honed their creative skills to figure out a logo that was similar enough to the old logo, but not enough to break any copyright infringement malarky.

Billy Hallowell

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