5 Seconds Of Summer’s Luke Hemmings Tweets And Deletes A Nude Photo Amid Celebgate 4Chan Leaks

All of the fans’ birthdays and christmases have come at once. 

When choosing which band you are going to obsess over, if seeing the members nakey is your kinda thing then we highly recommend ‘She Looks So Perfect’ Aussie singers 5SOS, as they appear to have quite a penchant for getting their kit off, much to their fans’ delight.

In this case, Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer has used an eye-popping shot of him overlooking the grand canyon totally starkers as his Twitter profile picture.


The teen hearthrob deleted the photo moments later, leaving us wondering whether he used the snap by accident, or if he posted it just to momentarily tease the hoards of girls that follow him.

We somehow think the latter.

And of course the delighted fans didn’t let Luke get away with his sneaky display that easily, with many forward-thinkers already screenshotting and saving the image for their own personal reference before the singer deleted it. 

They then took to Twitter to share their excitement at seeing the backside of their fave boyband member:

Luke’s bum comes less than a month after his bandmate, Calum Hood, was at the centre of a naked video scandal, when the mystery recipient cruelly recorded and posted a saucy snapchat of the singer to the internet for the whole world to see.

Calum remembered golden rule number one, which is to not include your face in ANY naked selfies, but threw that caution out of the window when he confirmed that it was him in the video anyway, cheekily tweeting: “Least ya know what it looks like now” followed up by a more serious response of: “I’m still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes :)”

Well said. 

Despite Calum’s surprisingly chilled response to the whole thing the fans were absolutely livid, because whilst it’s okay for Luke to show off his bits and bobs on his own Twitter page, it is absolutely NOT okay to leak images of ANYBODY without their consent.

As the celebgate scandal The Fappening, which shortly followed Calum’s leak, has proved. 

Before the video had even finished playing the fandom had created a variety of hashtags to show their unwavering support for Calum, including: #WeLoveYouCalum and, perhaps more dramatically, #SaveCalumHood.

Because they actually believed that Calum might be DROPPED from the record label.

He wasn’t.


Aside from these indiscretions on social media, the band as a whole do  have a bit of a habit of getting naked, like, all the time.

They even celebrated getting their first US number one by stripping off and sharing the evidence with the world – just not in *quite* as much detail as they share with their Snapchat friends.

And who can forget their brilliant Teen Choice Awards acceptance video? Which took place in a SHOWER.

5 Seconds Of Summer shot to fame after having the pleasure of supporting One Direction on the australian leg of their tour last year.

Since then they have proved themselves worthy of having a humongous fanbase of their own, taking both sides of the Atlantic by storm with their hit single She Looks So Perfect, which also doubles as a mass campaign for American Apparel underwear.

Although clearly they’re not fans of wearing said underwear themselves.

Not that the fans are complaining!

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