Abbey Clancy Gets Lippy In Sheer Frock At Fashion Show

Calm down people, it’s only a dress.


All eyes were on Abbey Clancy’s nips *ahem* lips last night after she turned up to a Jimmy Choo men’s fashion show in a very sheer frock covered in pouty bits!

Abs looked stunning as ever although we get the feeling she didn’t check to see how her dress did under the glare of the paps flash – we can see pretty much straight through it!

Admit it – you had a quick perv too.

Abs was out and about hob-nobbing with all sorts of fashion types we imagine talking about her stint on Britain’s Next Top Model – yep, remember that?!

The Strictly star was snapped in the front row, natch, hanging out with Pixie Lott’s fashion model boyf, Oliver Cheshire.

Also spotted at the event were the likes of Tinie Tempah and game of Thrones totty, Kit Harrington. Double phwoar.

However, with this being a men’s fashion show who knew Abbey was so into loafers? You would think she went just to do a bit of boy spotting….

And this isn’t the first time that Abbey’s nips *ahem* lips (OK, fine nips) have had everybody talking – last fashion week the WAG managed to fall victim to the ultimate wardrobe malfunction.

Abbey Clancy Gets Lippy In Sheer Frock At Fashion Show
By MazSight

Abbey managed to flash her nips to the waiting photographers at the Julien McDonald’s London Fashion Week show.

Yep, Abbey sat on the much hallowed FROW totally none the wiser (we are assuming) that her nipple had popped out to say a big, fat ‘Iyaaaaa!’ to the (presumably thrilled) paps.

Still, it’s fashion week which means nipples are pretty much ten a penny so we don’t think Abbey needs to be too red-faced.

It’s not like it popped out in the queue at Sainsbury.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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