Abbey Clancy’s Birthday: Her Raunchiest Instagram Pics

If you’re looking for a bit of raunch, step this way…

As a lingerie model it’s hardly surprising Abbey Clancy has some pretty sexy shots, and she’s happy to share them on MazSight, from boob pics to naughty but nice Christmas outfits.

As Abbey celebrates her 29th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her raunchiest pics.

1. Abbey’s Raunchy Bikini

“Love this Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini especially with my pregnancy boobs”

It’s safe to say Abbey is embracing the affect her pregnancy is having on her figure.

The model shared this shot of her Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini in January 2015, but let’s be honest, who’s looking at the bikini and who’s actually looking at what’s IN (or tumbling OUT of) the bikini?

2. Abbey’s Raunchy Dress Up

“Such fun working for AP for #breastcancerawearness #playingdressup”

Wowzers that’s one SERIOUSLY sexy outfit Abbey donned for Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2014.

Not only is the sheer top, slinky knickers and stockings combo raunchy enough, throw in that hair-across-the-face pose and you’ve got one majorly hot dress up pic.

3. Abbey’s Raunchy Holiday   

“Holiday memories”

Abbey shared this shot in September 2014 as a holiday memory, and the world responded by once again virtually patting Abbey’s husband, Peter Crouch on the back.

As many commenters noted, Crouchy is one lucky guy.

4. Abbey’s Raunchy Pose

There’s no need for Abbey to provide a caption to go with this shot, as it simply screams H-O-T.

The head-thrown-back-arched-back pose, the side boob, the sea; it’s off the raunchiness scale.

5. Abbey’s Raunchy Special Project

“Me by @damon_baker #sneakypic #specialproject”

Hair in mouth + star over nipple = yet another raunch-tastic pose from Ms Clancy.

She’s a kind soul that one, sharing this sneaky pic from her special project shot by Damon Baker in August 2014.

Keep sharing your raunchy shots Abbey, and we’ll keep loving your body confidence.

Neil Weinberg

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