Ace Of Base’s Beautiful Life Video Will Remind Of A Gloriously Simpler Time

If there is one thing Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood has taught us, it’s that a music video is no longer just a music video.

Thanks to increasingly high concept ideas and social media hype, they have become something of an event.

So what happens when having a concept goes out of the window altogether? Ace Of Base’s gloriously bonkers ‘Beautiful Life’ happens, that’s what!

Long before the likes of Taylor and Gaga were making mini epics, Sweden’s third most successful export (after Abba & Roxette, music fans) starred in quite possibly the most astoundingly insane music video of all time.

To celebrate its 20th year, we’ve tried to get inside the mind’s of those behind the video to finally understand just what they were trying to achieve. Wish us luck, we’re going in.

So, we open with the ever popular bird that balances on its beak and spins because, well, why not?

We then cut to a young woman yawning and therefore unleashing all four members of Ace Of Base from her mouth. And they’re all trapped in bubbles.

But fear not, the gang quickly escape their liquid film prisons and this dreamy guy is introduced:

OK, now they’re all plummeting to their certain deaths after deciding it a good idea to jump out the window.

Luckily Ace Of Base can fly. PHEW! Let’s cut to glamorous location number one!

Right, now seems like the perfect time to throw in some much needed Blue Steel.



OK, let’s change things up with the bloody demise of the blonde one.

Then, how about we get the gang to interrupt a, err, hay fight? Yeah. That will work.

You know who we haven’t seen in a while?

What would be good now is some sort of awesomely modern fade out effect.

Right, let’s get the gang back together in, let’s just say in a field for now, we’ll think of something better later.

How about we get them to ruin a game of football? That does seem like the next logical step.

So the blonde one, she actually survived literally exploding and is now terrorising a security guard for no apparent reason.

Next stop, the pub. To start a brawl, obviously.

Then let’s go to one of those clubs where everyone is constantly grinning and can’t stop dancing or drinking water. Those clubs are the best.


And finally we’ll return to the sleeping girl who is now awake. And bit upset that Ace Of Base have wrecked her room. FADE TO BLACK.

1995, the true golden age of the music video.

Neil Weinberg

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