Adam Lambert: ‘I’m Ready To Fall In Love Again’ – EXCLUSIVE

It seems like just yesterday that Adam Lambert burst onto the scene as a guyliner-loving, flamboyant contestant on American Idol, but actually, it’s been six bloomin’ years and after two hit albums plus a very successful tour filling Freddie Mercury’s shoes with actual Queen, the 33 year old is back with his third studio album, The Original High, and he’s looking for love.


Speaking at an intimate playback of his pretty ruddy awesome new record, Adam opened his heart to us about what life on the road is like, and although he loves every single minute of it he couldn’t help but admit that it does get a bit lonely.

Referencing his ‘original high’ as being performing to his fans, Adam told us: “I’m never quite satisfied, I’m always searching for the next experience.

“The highs that I do experience are so awesome and then to come down and go to bed alone that night… I mean, I just had this crazy high and now I have to bring it back down and fall asleep alone.

“One of the things that makes me happy is love, everybody loves love and everybody wants to love back. Relationships are a little tricky but everybody wants to have their heart taken care of.

“I have been single for two years now, some parts of it are fun but I think I’m getting to a point now where I’m like, ‘I could fall in love again’, that would be nice.

“I want that deeper heart connection but I’m travelling a lot and it’s very difficult… So I’m dating my album, we are in a monogamous situation.”

He may have been joking but tbh, his new album is so good that we would probs date it too if we could…

When asked if he’d ever consider online dating, the star admitted that, actually, he finds that whole world a little bit intimidating, dishing: “Online dating is a little scary for me, I have no judgement against it – friends of mine have met online and been together for years – but I just have really bad game.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a dinner or something and I have met someone who I think is cute, and I’m pretty outgoing but if someone is attractive I get a little bit shy and don’t make it obvious that I’m into them.

“My game is wack, it’s so wack…. But I’m working on it.”

Despite not being the best at flirting, Adam went on to tell us that he is trying to change the type of man that he goes after, revealing that he is nowhere near as shallow as he used to be.

He shared: “I kind of have a type but as I’m getting older I’m realising you can get trapped if you have a type. I want to be open to dating different types of people so I can have different experiences.

“It’s easy to be a little bit shallow but I’m trying to fight the shallowness and trying to look for things that mean a little bit more so that you can build a relationship on, like charm, intelligence, talent.

“I have probably been in love like three or four times, I feel like I’m a bit of a late bloomer so a lot of this stuff happened later than a lot of other people, which is why I’m still trying to work out what I want in a relationship.

“I used to be more of a romantic but now I’m a little bit more of a realist because I have a lot more going on, but there’s a part of me who is still very romantic… I just know now that it’s harder and harder to find because there’s a lot of other stuff that can get in the way.”

Well, at least being single has ensured that Adam’s not been distracted from creating his personal fave album, with the star telling us: “The album turned out pretty f*cking good I think, I’m really proud of and I feel like it’s the best album I’ve done vocally.

“It shows the most range for me and different tones and colours. Songs are totally personal but we found ways to connect them to the public.”

And do you know what? We completely agree.

The Original High Is Available To Buy From June 15th 2015. THAT’S TOMORROW.

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