Adele Hits Back At Split Rumours: ‘Simon And I Are Still Very Much Together’

Adele is a lady of few words, but even she couldn’t resist taking to Twitter to put a whole load of silly split rumours in their place.

The 26-year-old was said to have been on frosty terms with her partner, Simon Konecki, after it was reported that whilst she has been residing in her London home, the forty-year-old had been living it up with pals in Brighton.

The duo hadn’t been pictured together since Jonathan Ross’ annual Halloween party (which we are still waiting for an invite to, humph), and The Sun newspaper started to whisper that the couple hadn’t seen eachother in the last eight weeks.

How a newspaper would know that we have NO idea, but hey ho.

Obviously a bit ticked off with the rumours surrounding her private life, Adele took to Twitter this afternoon for the first time in months, all to write: “Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays & all the best for 2015! PS Simon & I are still very much together, don’t believe what you read x”

Couldn’t be any clearer if she tried, could she?

Simon is father to Adele’s two-year-old son, Angelo, who was born in October 2012, but the singer only confirmed that they were in a relationship earlier this year, after they were pictured together.

However, using Twitter yet again to set the record straight about her romantic life, Adele told her millions of followers back then that she was NOT married, as some media outlets had been suggesting.

Hmmm, we reckon people should just take their noses OUT of Adele’s business, don’t you?

Because she’ll soon put you in your place if you don’t…

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