Adele’s Birthday: Her Most Amazing Twitter Pics

She’s incredibly private.

But Adele does let her fans have the occasional glimpse into her world with the odd Twitter pic here and there, from posing with Beyonce to kids’ TV characters.

As Adele celebrates her 27th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most amazing pics.

1. Adele’s Amazing Inflatable Mate

“Katy Perry was supreme tonight! But UK mamas look who I saw tonight!”

You can tell Adele’s fully embracing motherhood as she seemingly got more excited about meeting a Haahoo from ‘In The Night Garden’ in May 2014 than she did about seeing Katy Perry.

While Katy tweeted a selfie of herself and Adele, the British singer decided to snap a shot of the giant inflatable kids’ TV character, sharing her excitement with all the other “UK mamas”.

2. Adele’s Amazing Peek At Andreas

“#iLoveWater and so does #drop4drop get involved at http://www.drop4drop.org  it’s world water day!”

Adele isn’t in the category of celeb who shares pics of their kids with the world.

In fact, she’s the opposite, being totally private about her personal life. She did, however, give her followers a peek at her son, Angelo in March 2014 with her collage in honour of World Water Day.

Sure, we only got to see his feet, legs, and one arm as he reached down to a beaker of water, but it was more than she’d ever shared before (or since, for that matter).

3. Adele’s Amazing Handwriting Necklace

“Look at these stunning pieces my friend @LA_VERNEUK made me! That’s my handwriting! So personal, so clever x”

Adele inadvertently revealed her son’s name when she was papped wearing an Angelo necklace in January 2013.

But in September 2013 she was happy to show off another of her fab necklaces herself via her social media when she tweeted this pic of her Mummy necklace in her own handwriting. Want. One. Now.

4. Adele’s Amazing Magical Mate

“Just randomly met @davidblaine and he did some magic for us. Never seen anything like it! Blew my mind!”

Just look at that smiley face.

Adele couldn’t have been more chuffed to hang out with David Blaine in June 2013, so much so that she shared the moment with her fans after the legend gave her a personal magic show.

5. Adele’s Amazing Eyelashes

Adele might have been busy admiring her Ivor Novello Award in this pic from May 2012.

But I can’t help but admire the singer’s luscious lashes. Seriously amazing set there.

Keep sharing the amazing pics Adele, and we’ll keep waiting and hoping for more.


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