On Wednesday, A&E announced that they’re planning to bring a new paranormal lineup to horror fans. Leading the new programming is a reboot of “Ghost hunters,” the long-running show which formerly aired on SyFy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this reboot is one of five new ghost-themed shows that the network plans on adding to their programming in the near future.

“Paranormal worked really well for us in the past,” stated A&E Network executive VP and head of programming Elaine Frontain Bryant when discussing the decision to bring the show back from the dead. “We’ve ensured that it’s going to please die-hard fans.”

Over the course of 11 seasons, “Ghost Hunters” produced 230 episodes for Syfy and averaged 3 million viewers per episode. As part of the move to the new channel, the network will be granted access to that extensive library. The new iteration plans to differ itself from the past version by incorporating new technology, forensic experts, and historical records.

Grant Wilson will be returning on-camera as he works alongside a group of professional ghost hunters to uncover the mysteries surrounding the supposed hauntings. Wilson will also work behind the scenes as an executive producer. As of now, 20 new episodes have been ordered. 

In the first trailer, which can be seen below, Wilson states, “I don’t chase ghosts, I chase the truth.”

The group of new shows also includes reimagined versions of “Psychic Kids” and”Celebrity Ghost Stories.” Two additional titles will then be thrown in the mix, “Trey the Texas Medium” and “The world‘s Biggest Ghost Hunt,” both of which are working names at the moment.

“Psychic Kids” will be centered around the now-grown children from the original series as they spend time with kids who also say they have paranormal abilities. “Celebrity Ghost Stories” will be returning with six new episodes later in the year after a five-year hiatus. 

As for the new shows, “Trey the Texas Medium” will be following Trey Ganem, a master carpenter who builds custom caskets and says he can attain messages from the dead in order to bring closure to families. “The World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt” is set to be a two-hour special that will focus on Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania, which is supposedly haunted. It is set to make its debut sometime this fall.

“Ghost Hunters” premieres Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. EST on A&E.

A&E's Rebooting 'Ghost Hunters', Adding Four Other Paranormal Shows: When To Watch? Pictured is a purported haunted house in the United States. photo: Reuters