Aisleyne Horgan-Wallce Gets Drastically Different Haircut Following Twitter War With David McIntosh

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace unveiled a brand new look today, ditching her long blonde locks for a new brunette bob, and possibly signalled that she’s making some changes in her life.

The former Big Brother contestant, who recently ‘split up’ with David McIntosh, debuted her new look on Twitter earlier today whilst she also seemed to signal that she’s making the changes to move on from her alleged relationship with him.

The brand new brunette put on a classic selfie pose, head cocked to one side with her iPhone in one hand, and posted a beaming picture along with the caption: “New hair don’t care.”

And on top of her new hair the 35-year-old glamour model also showed off a fresh tan that doesn’t look like it could have been achieved in the London winter sun.

She had apparently embarked on a fledgling romance with Kelly Brook’s notoriously flakey on/off fiancé David – that is until she dumped him after he met up with Kelly several times.

And Aisleyne was clearly determined to show everyone that she’s going with the ‘New hair, new tan, new man’ philosophy, as she posted some reflective tweets after the snap.

Following her new hair picture she retweeted some supportive messages from fans that clearly summed-up how she’s feeling following the David hoo-ha.

One message which featured a quote from CoCo Chanel captured her possible philosophy perfectly, reading: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

So this must mean Aisleyne is determined to say goodbye to David forever, something that Kelly just can’t seem to do.

Although she had seemed pretty fired-up and slightly fragile after things turned sour with the former Gladiator.

Following some nasty comments from David towards her bff Nicola McLean Aisleyne took to Twitter in a flurry of emotional outbursts and slammed David.

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