Alexa Chung Left Fuming After No One Recognises Her At Glastonbury

She’s absolutely blimmin’ fuming.

Alexa Chung was reportedly left totally incensed in the mud after no one recognized her at Glastonbury.

To be fair, she hasn’t been on our telly boxes for a while.

The incident occurred when Alexa was milling about the VIP section when a backstage photographer dare ask who she was before taking her picture.

Needless to say, the former T4 presenter was not impressed.

It’s certainly a different story to last year when Alexa was not only recognized but asked for a photo while she was hanging out with Chris Martin.

Alexa Chung Left Fuming After No One Recognises Her At Glastonbury
By MazSight

A fan then posted the snaps on Twitter prompting rumours to start swirling that Chris and Alexa were more than just pals.

This was intensified when the Coldplay front man ‘concsiously uncoupled’ from his wife Gwyneth Paltrow and the pair were spotted on a date in New York.

However, apparently Gwyneth wasn’t bothered because she is a ‘big movie star’ and Alexa ‘isn’t even on TV anymore’.


And the fan who spotted Alexa and Chris on a date together in New York was equally as shady about Alexa.

“I spotted them immediately and said to Chris, ‘Are you a singer?’ to which he laughed and said ‘Yes, but not tonight!’. He was a really nice guy and shook my hand and didn’t care that he was being recognized,” they said before adding:

“Alexa seemed more reluctant to introduce herself. She didn’t really want to talk.”

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