Alexandra Burke’s Birthday: Her Fiercest Instagram Pics

She can do angelic smiley selfies like the best of them.

But what Alexandra Burke really excels at is a fierce pose. We’re talking pouting, scowling, generally working that camera. And we love it.

As ‘The Bodyguard Musical’ singer celebrates her 26th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her fiercest MazSight pics.

1. Alexandra’s fierce crew Alexandra Burke's Birthday: Her Fiercest MazSight Pics
By MazSight “#LostFiles – C R E W L O V E !”

Every fierce gal or guy knows that to be your fiercest best, you need a crew.

And when posing for a selfie with said crew, you need to be right in the middle, preferably with uh-may-zing attention-grabbing hair, giving it your best “don’t mess with us” face.

We reckon Alexandra not only got that memo, she wrote that memo.

2. Alexandra’s fierce talons Alexandra Burke's Birthday: Her Fiercest MazSight Pics
By MazSight#whosyourbodyguard this one goes out to my little brother Aaron! I love this boy with all my heart ! He would take a bullet for me! He’s my younger brother but sometimes it feels like he’s my older brother with the way that he always wants to protect me! Aaron / you are such a bright and beautiful person. Never change for anyone. I love you lil bro xx @Camilo_burke”

When you’re crew is reduced to just two of you, you let your nails do the talking. Just check out those talons.

Alexandra might have captioned this pic with a very sweet message about her brother, but don’t let that fool you; she’s still fierce.

3. Alexandra’s fierce face Alexandra Burke's Birthday: Her Fiercest MazSight Pics
By MazSight “Looks like I’m really concentrating on Sunday brunch ! Lol !! are you tuned in!? ❤️ channel 4 right now !!”

In the style of Alexandra circa her guest judge ‘X Factor’ days, this pictures screams one thing and one thing only: bored.com.

Alexandra herself might have said she was “concentrating” but we reckon this is the former ‘X Factor’ winner’s special warning face to journos interviewing her, to the tune of “you better watch out ‘cos I’m getting bored, seriously bored”.

4. Alexandra’s fierce pose Alexandra Burke's Birthday: Her Fiercest MazSight Pics
By MazSight “Back 2 short hair !”

The hand on the hip. The pout. Those knowing eyes. Everything about this pose screams; “I’m fierce, I know it, don’t mess little girl”.

Sure, Alexandra merely commented on the length of her hair, but we know that’s just a subtle way to draw attention to the razor-sharp style of that bob. Razor-sharp. That’s fierce.

5. Alexandra’s fierce outfit Alexandra Burke's Birthday: Her Fiercest MazSight Pics
By MazSight “T5 RoadTrip !! @rio_hair @thedirector_e”

Sunnies? Check. Cap? Check. Huge hoop earrings? Check. Pout? Two finger salute? Check. Crew in tow? Check.

Alexandra’s working that fierce look to aplomb right here. Not entirely convinced the snugly looking jumper is quite on message, but even the fiercest need to keep warm.

Keep keeping it fierce Alex, we love it.

Ethan Anderton

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