ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: The Definitive List Of The Best (And Worst) Celebrity Attempts

There’s been more ice water thrown about in the last week than was used on the set of The Titanic.

(What, still too soon?)

We’ve seen all the posts and now it’s time for us to break it down for you in what we like to call…


(We’re not supplying trophies. Ice is enough)


Firstly we’d like to start with Most Glamorous:

Anna Wintour

Keeping en vogue, Anna took to her garden to have a sh*t ton of ice water dumped on her.

Never have we seen such stylish stoicism throughout such a brutal attack on such a well rounded bob.

She’s known to be icy, so it suits her. Right?


Now on to the next category – Most Aggressive:

Coleen Rooney ft. Wayne (Ugh…)

Here we see Coleen sitting in the largest bathroom we’ve probably seen.

We only know the likes from the odd trip to a Soho bathhouse on our lunch break.

After the yada yada of nominations, the brute that is Wayne Rooney dumps a big ol’ bucket of ice on his dearly beloved before swinging it down and beating her in the face with it.

Okay, Wayne. That’s cool too.

(You’d think with his ogre strength he’d have done just a smidge better.)


Next we’d like to show you Most Political:

George W. Bush

Or the Most Dull…

Ol’ Georgey starts the video with a total knee slapper, saying that he isn’t going to participate in the craze before his sweet wife What’s-‘er-name W. Bush unleashes the icy wrath of Poseidon.

How very droll.

His excuse for not wanting to participate was because “It wasn’t very Presidential”

That ship’s sailed, boyo.

Our favourite part was when he addressed his nominee, Bill Clinton, telling us that his belated birthday gift is a bucket of cold water.

Note to self: never invite Bush to a party. EVER.


On now to the Most Annoying:

Piers Morgan


Just to add to the already over bearing irritant that is Piers Morgan, the production value of this video is MORE than weak.

We can barely hear you, doll. But we ain’t complaining.

Past the beating wind we did here that he’s had the suggestion of subbing the ice water for either hot coals or sulphuric acid.

Hmm… Interesting…

On top of this pompous attempt at humour, he actually decided to sit in the sea.



Moving SWIFTLY away from that, we’ve arrived at our Shortest (And Sweetest): 

HRH Britney Spears, everybody

Dear God was that brief.

But probably still the best yet.

What were you saying at the end there, Brit?


Introducing the most bizarre category –  The Loudest:

Justin Timberlake

Oh, JT.

How you make our hearts leap.

The better of the two Justins treated us, as well as some of his fans, to an ice bucket vid.

It’s done with super high spirits and everyone was pretty thrilled.

Except for us.

His shirt wasn’t see-through.


Now we’re getting to the big guns, most literally (har har har) – Most Bad *ss:

Chris Pratt


Shot of vodka.

Bottle of alcopop.

See through shirt.

Pleased? Very.

Never in our lives have we seen a Smirnoff Ice be so buff… or drank by anybody over the age of 14.

Thank you, Chris. Really.


Finally we’ve reached the most important – The Sassiest:

Demi Lovato


Our girl Demi is the ice bucket idol.

Not only did the mega-babe take FIVE buckets, she managed to keep smiling the whole way through.

So much love.

Baby girl went on to call out any of those losers who chickened out of taking the ice a “dry p*ssy”.

That sassy little thing.


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