Amanda Bynes Has An Epic Tattoo Fail In Hollywood

Poor Amanda Bynes is having a hard time at the moment, and it seems that she can’t even catch a break when it comes to getting tattooed.

Apparently, the 28 year-old former child star decided that it was time to get her fiance’s name tattooed on her neck while she was in Hollywood, so she turned up at The Honourable Society parlor, only to be turned away…for not having ID.

Because, nothing says commitment and love like a tattoo…right?!

According to TMZ, Amanda, who was recently released from psychiatric unit, was all set to get inked until she was asked for ID – which she didn’t have.

Even though she’s well over the age-limit of 18, Amanda couldn’t provide a single form of ID to prove this, so she was forced to leave without an ever-lasting tribute to her man.

And, on top of this, the tattoo artist knew who Amanda was…which would probably have cleared up the whole no ID thing.

However, an employee at The Honourable Society revealed that even if Amanda had produced ID they would have made her fill out a medical form which asks for known illnesses.

But would Amanda have let the truth get in the way of showing her dedication to her rumoured beau, Caleb?

We’re not so sure she would, being the sassy outspoken girl she is.

Amanda may have escaped the celeb relationship tattoo curse though, as if things don’t work out with Caleb at least she doesn’t have to get a cover-up job

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini we’re looking at you!

On the fail scale we’d have to go with an unimpressive four.

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