Amanda Holden’s Birthday: Her Most Glam Twitter Pics

She’s glam from head to toe.

And Amanda Holden is happy to share all the glam moments in her life with her Twitter followers, whether she’s riding private jets or riding the tube in her glad rags.

As Amanda celebrates her 44th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most glam pics.

1a. Amanda’s Glam Tube Ride Step One

“Gave up. Traffic hideous to @NTA so me and @MrVermaak got the tube”

1b. Amanda’s Glam Tube Ride Step Two

“Heee only way to travel!”

Has there ever been a more glam passenger on the London Underground?

Amanda and her hair and make-up stylist Christian Vermaak got caught in bad traffic on their way to the national Television Awards in January 2015 so decided to join us plebs on public transport.

In full glam mode, Amanda shared a few pics of the incongruous sight of a dressed-up-celeb at the ticket office, going down the escalator, and on the tube.

2. Amanda’s Glam Private Jet

“Waiting to board Simon Air! @BGT @AleshaOfficial @davidwalliams #BGT2015”

From one extreme to the other; from a ride on the Underground to a ride on a private jet.

OK so technically this isn’t Amanda’s own personal private jet, but rather her ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ pal Simon Cowell’s, but flying non-commercial is mega glam no matter who owns the plane in question.

3. Amanda’s Glam Jewels

“At the #Millies with @Schofe. Wearing @SamuelDougal and jewels by #garrards https://m.facebook.com/GarrardLondon”

Everything about this pic screams GLAM, from the hair and make-up to the dress and jewellery.

Amanda wore a glamorous white gown by Samuel Dougal and even glammer jewels by Garrard to the Millies in Decemeber 2014.

4. Amanda’s Glam Lady In Red Moment

“@Amanda_Holden: BGT Edinburgh! Skirt and jacket by @SamuelDougal. Shoes by @BiondaCastana @BGT”

Red lippy + red skirt + red jacket + red shoes = all round red glamness.

Amanda brought out her most glamorous Lady In Red impression in January 2015 at the ‘BGT’ auditions in Edinburgh.

5. Amanda’s Glam Mooning

“Guess who I interviewed today?! #cheeky”

Surely there has never been a more glam mooning incident in the history of mooning?

Amanda flashed her behind in honour of her interview with Lady Gaga, wearing one of the glammest outfits ever to be worn during a bottom flashing moment.

Keep sharing the glam moments Amanda, and we’ll keep wishing we had your clothes/jewels/job/life.

Michael Zhang

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