AMAs 2014: One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson ‘Helped Clear Tables In The Green Room’

Living like a true rockstar, eh Lou?

In case you hadn’t noticed, we ruddy love One Direction. 

They’re all pretty amazing, lovely young men and when one of them gets publically acknowledged for being the well-brought-up individual that they are we pretty much burst with pride as though we’re their parents.

That’s just how we roll.

So imagine our absolute joy at hearing that a member of the biggest boyband on the planet had taken time out from eating caviar and sipping champagne at the glitzy American Music Awards to roll up his sleeves and lend a helping hand in the clearing up process?

Canadian actor Nathan Fillion made us feel all kinds of emotional as he ominously tweeted last night: “One of the 5 Seconds of Summer guys helped me clear a table in the green room.

“So polite. Thank you.”

But before you go thinking that we’ve gone totally cray cray and confused our fave Aussie lads with our fave Brit megastars, Nathan added: “Oops. It was the guy from One Direction that helped me w the table. Not 5 Seconds of Summer.

“I’m so embarrassed. Thanks, guys.”

N’aw, don’t be embarrassed babes, we might be able to distingush between various boyband members by the smell of their hair or the size of their hands but we understand that not everybody has the knack.

Rather frustratingly, the 43-year-old was unable to tell us WHICH “so polite” member of 1D had put down one of his three awards to clear up the green room mess, but naturally we were all assuming Mr. Manners himself, Harry Styles.

However, after a lot of gentle encouragement from Directioners across the globe, Nathan was finally able to tell us that it was in fact Louis Tomlinson, aka “the gentleman in the middle”, who had helped him out, discovered when one quick-thinking fan sent him a photo to help us get to the bottom of this NEED TO KNOW information.

Although it was 22-year-old Lou who had got the biggest gold star from Mr. Fillion, the actor went on to add that all five of our lads were “well mannered” and we hate to say it but we kinda already knew that.

Although we’re still very glad to hear that they are getting the positive recognition that they deserve.

Louis has actually been on a bit of a one-man-mission to be as adorable as possible this past week. 

Just yesterday his mum, Johannah Deakin made our hearts go all gooey when she posted an ADORABLY CUTE snap of Lou hanging out with his nine-month-old baby brother, Ernest, who has joined him in the US while the boys promo their new album, Four.

Simply captioned “#brothers” alongside the kissing emoji, baby Ernest is positively beaming at his big bro, who looks just as besotted by the little one’s company.

It must be nice for Louis to have someone who doesn’t understand that he is in the most famous band in the planet and kind of a big deal, eh?

Last week the big-hearted Doncaster lad showed that his family-like loyalty actually extends to his entire hometown when he took the time out to  to send a bouquet of white roses to the families of five teenagers who died in a tragic car accident.

The flowers are thought to have been delivered to Danum Academy, the school which the five teens attended, and contained a heartfelt message which read:

“Really saddened to hear some sad news from my home town.

“With love Louis - One Direction. & mum Johannah xxxxx”

Although Lou did not publically acknowledge the incident on his Twitter account, eagle-eyed students at the school were quick to share photos of the flowers and spread word of his big-hearted gesture.

We love you, Louis Tomlinson – please don’t ever change. 

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