Amelia Lily Six Second Interview: I’d Happily Be Stuck To Harry Styles

She’s faced th pressure of The X Factor.
Amelia Lily Six Second Interview: I'd Happily Be Stuck To Harry Styles
By MazSight

But how will Amelia Lily fair when it comes to taking on Yahoo Celebrity’s Six Second interview?

10 questions, 6 seconds to answer each, no second chances.


OH HEY AMELIA! You’re back with your rather brilliant new single ‘california‘. Can you describe it for us?

Which member of One Direction would you choose if you had to be stuck to them forever?

What is the secret to the perfect Amelia Lily selfie?

What is your strangest secret talent?

VERY IMPORTANT SPELLING QUESTION: Can you please spell the artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole’s new surname in six seconds?!

Not even close..

Would you rather be ten foot wide or ten foot tall?

Snog, Marry, Avoid time! Simon Cowell, Chris Tarrant, Piers Morgan. GO!

What are the THREE most important attributes to you in a potential partner?

What can we expect from your debut album?

And finally, can you please show us your signature dance move?

Amelia Lily’s new single ‘California’ is out on 8 September.

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