Amy Childs Was Involved In A Serious Car Accident But Thankfully Escaped Unhurt

This could have been a devastating crash.

Former TOWIE star, Amy Childs, had a lucky escape last night when she walked away from a pretty serious car accident totally unscathed.

Amy was driving in South Woodford, East London when it is believed that she collided with a set of traffic lights, leading her £80,000 Range Rover to completely flip over.

Thank goodness she was wearing her seatbelt.

The 24-year-old sat by the roadside as she was treated by paramedics, with a witness saying that Amy was clearly “shocked” and “shaken” following the accident, which took place at around 10pm.

They also described the wreckage that had been cause to the car, with the front apparently “hanging off”.

A spokesperson for the Police said in a statement: “At this early stage it is believed that the vehicle was in a collision with a traffic light. There are no reported injuries at this time and enquiries are continuing.”

Geez, how could one measly traffic light actually over-turn a car?

The reality star must have been driving pretty fast for it to have had such an impact – SAFETY FIRST people.

Amy later tweeted that she was lucky to be alive, writing: “I am so lucky to be alive thank you to everyone for your lovely messages, god was definitely watching down on me xxx”

We’re just relieved that you’re okay, babes. 

Amz bought her beloved Range Rover two years ago, dishing out the hefty 80k pay check after getting into a bidding war with a premiership footballer.

The vehicle has a ‘WE11 JEL’ number plate, which was one of Amy’s many catchphrases when she was on the Essex show.

But after the damage caused to her pricey car after this little mishap, Amy is no doubt feeling ‘well gutted’ rather than jel.

Still, the Brentwood babe is probably just grateful that there wasn’t any damage done to her.

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