Amy Willerton Regrets Dating TOWIE’s Joey Essex After They Grew Close In I’m A Celeb Jungle

Sounds like poor Amy regrets that whole Aussie jungle thing to be honest. 

Amy Willerton has confessed that she massively regrets dating human Ken doll Joey Essex.

The former Miss. Universe contestant met the TOWIE star when they both appeared in last year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

The two hottest stars of the show ever-so-conveniently ‘fell’ for eachother inbetween the screaming at rats and eating witchetty grubs, and when they left Oz they embarked on a rather short-lived romance.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Amy has now revealed that she wishes she didn’t go on the ITV reality show, saying: “The attention after we left the show was really hard for me.

“While Joey had a strong management team behind him, I didn’t really have anybody in my corner. It was a really one-sided situation – I kind of just got left and fed to the wolves.”

Ah yes, the key to every good relationship – a strong management team.

Does that unofficially officially confirm that it was all a big showmance?

Their brief relationship soon fizzled out, with Joey running back into the arms with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Sam Faiers, who has since said that Amy “Isn’t welcome in Essex.”

Ooft, what a blow, we bet she’s gutted.

24-year-old Joey has since released his tell-all autobiography, where he claims that he and Amy had sex two nights after leaving the jungle and even joined the Mile High Club in the airplane lavs on their way back from Oz.

Amy has brushed off these accusations and said that she “hasn’t read the book”, probably in the same way that we “haven’t” stalked an ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page.

Come on Amz, we’re all friends here.

She said: “I’m not going to go chasing after every single person who has said something bad about me. I want to live a happy life and tend to ignore the bad.”

Right on, sister.

Although all of the dirt is starting to come to light now, at the time of their split Amy said she really fancied Joe and that he was a super nice guy, but she just didn’t want to date a celeb.

Sounds like there was actually a lot more to the split than ‘dating a celeb’, probably something like ‘dating a celeb whose management team are involved in the relationship’.

Because we can deffo see why that would fast become a problem. 

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