Amy Willerton Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ After Being Lured To Fake Beauty Pageant, Aged 18

Amy Willerton has spoken out about a dark time in her life.

The I’m A Celeb star rubbished claims made earlier today that she was almost ‘forced into the sex trade’ and explained what really happened when she was lured to a fake beauty pageant when she was just eighteen years old.

The 22-year-old told MailOnline that she was flown to a beauty contest in South Korea after being invited via Facebook, however when she got to her destination she realised that all was not as it seemed and she eventually had to escape out of a window in the “worst thing” that has ever happened to her.

Amy revealed: “I ended up flying over to a pageant that wasn’t what it claimed to be. I was sexually assaulted out there. 

“There was one occasion where a pageant organiser knocked on my door and tried to pull my top down. That was the worst thing that physically happened to me.”

She added: “I was aware of some scandalous incidents where girls were told that if they met certain judges for sex, they would win. I was the only girl who stood up and said that I would not be a part of this.”

Amy went on to detail how she felt so threatened by the men running the bogus ‘competition‘ that she eventually resorted to climbing out of a window in order to escape them.

She told the publication: “I just wanted to get home to my family. I was chased out by the organisers and had to leave by the window. They were saying we couldn’t leave and kept our passports.”

Amy hopes that by speaking out she will help other aspiring beauty queens to do their research before responding to potentially dangerous, fake competitions.

Earlier today the gorgeous model took to Twitter to slam another article reporting this story, which claimed that Amy was forced to climb out of a window after being kidnapped by sex traffickers and threatened with being forced into prostitution.

Amy was understandably infuriated by the exaggeration in this story and revealed that she would be pressing charges against the site, writing: “The story in @dailystaruk has overstepped my boundaries. An ABSOLUTE LIE & I WILL be pressing charges. It is sick to twist a story this way.”

She later directly tweeted the editor of the newspaper, asking: “how can we expect to speak out against wrong doing if they are proceeded to be used for a negative storyline?”

A very valid question.

massive kudos to Amy for not only speaking out about her terrifying ordeal, but also calling out the lies that were being told about her.

Go Team Willerton!

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