Amy Winehouse Memorial Statue Unveiled In Her Beloved Camden Town

A fitting tribute.

A bronze statue of tragic singer, Amy Winehouse, has been unveiled in her beloved Camden town, north London, in loving memory of the late star.

The tribute was revealed today, September 14th, on what would have been Amy’s 31st birthday. 

Friends and family of the late singer gathered for the grand unveiling, alongside scores of music fans who were all eager to get a glimpse of their idol in all her bronzed and statuesqued glory.

And to be fair, it is a pretty amazing memorial – we have a feeling that the queen of the beehives would be very impressed with the efforts and proud to be looking over the town that she loved so much.

The tribute was originally supposed to be displayed at Camden’s music venue, the Roundhouse, but it was decided that the famous Camden Market would be more accessible to the public.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father, lead the touching ceremony earlier today, saying: “The family have always been keen to have a memorial for her in the place she loved the most, which will provide fans a place to visit and attract people to the area.

“She was in love with Camden.”

Alongside Amy’s parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, were the statue’s sculptor Scott Eaton, and EastEnders legend Barbara Windsor to aid in the presentation of the statue.

Admittedly Babs might seem like a bit of a random choice to pay tribute to Amy, but Barbara revealed two years ago that the they had developed a close friendship before the singer’s tragic death at the age of just 27. 

In fact, when Barbara was still gracing our screens as Peggy ‘GET-OUT-OF-MY-PUB’ Mitchell in the BBC One soap, Amy was the one reading through the scripts and helping the screen legend learn her lines.

Who would have thought it?

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