Amy Winehouse’s Dad Targeted By Internet Trolls Who Claim Amy’s Alive And He ‘Faked Her Death’

Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mitch Winehouse, is reportedly being targeted by cruel online trolls, who are accusing the bereaved father of helping the starlet fake her own death.

Mitch is said to be inundated with messages which claim that Amy is actually still alive, and living on an island with other deceased celebrities, such as Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, who are also ‘still alive’.

The Sun have reported that there are many comments targeting the taxi driver, with one troll even posting underneath footage of the 27-year-old’s funeral: ““Great acting Mitch, Such bull****.

“They’re not dead. The world’s a stage.”

Despite sarcastically replying that Amy’s family would be “delighted” by the revelation, Mitch later told the newspaper that he was trying not to take the conspiracy theories to heart, sharing: “I’m fine. I just wonder where this stuff comes from.”

Troubled Amy passed away back in 2011 as a result of alcohol poisoning, and Mitch has been active in trying to keep his daugher’s memory alive with a series of heartrending tributes.

A trailer for the upcoming film about the singer was unveiled at a recent pre-Grammys bash, a fitting premiere after the star won a record-breaking five Grammys back in 2008.

Speaking of the documentary, Universal’s David Joseph shared: “About two years ago we decided to make a movie about her — her career and her life.

“It’s a very complicated and tender movie. It tackles lots of things about family and media, fame, addiction, but most importantly, it captures the very heart of what she was about, which is an amazing person and a true musical genius.”

Back in September, Mitch was present for the unveiling of a bronze statue of Amy, which stands in her beloved Camden market.

Speaking at the touching ceremony on what would have been the star’s 31st birthday, Mitch said: “The family have always been keen to have a memorial for her in the place she loved the most, which will provide fans a place to visit and attract people to the area.

“She was in love with Camden.”

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