Andy Murray and Kim Sears’ Wedding To Take Place TODAY!

Over here at Yahoo! Celebrity UK we friggin’ LOVE a Wedding, so imagine our delight when we looked at our calender today and saw, in massive red pen, ‘ANDY + KIM WEDDING OMGZ’.

Yes, tennis pro extraordinaire Andy Murray is getting hitched to the fantastically GAWJUS Kim Sears this afternoon, in Andy’s home town of Dunblane in Scotland.

The couple were spotted having a quick tour of the cathedral yesterday, presumably just to make sure there weren’t any rogue balls hanging around the place or else Andy might have ended up getting a little distracted and by trying to hit them away at 100mph.

The permanently sunny Scot took to Twitter this morning to try and articulate the various emotions he was going through – and for a man who tends to only speak once every four months, Muzza felt the emojis were the best way to let us all know how he was feeling:

Gabe Bergado

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