Anna Kendrick Can’t Quite Cope With How Excited She Is About The X Factor Final

In case you didn’t know, Anna Kendrick – actress, Oscar nominee, and across the board excellent tweeter – is slightly obsessed with the UK X Factor.

Yes, the 29-year-old couldn’t quite contain her excitement when Yahoo Celeb reminded her during an interview for her upcoming film ‘Into The Woods’ that the final was this weekend…

And as it turns out, Anna had quite a few thoughts on the series that was.

Firstly, she’s far too tense to make an informed decision as to who she wants to win.

And she can’t cope with the final actually being THIS SATURDAY.

REALLY can’t cope.

Although she couldn’t remember their name, her description of what was the last remaining group was rather on point.

But at least she looks back on them fondly…

She also LOVES that Cheryl is back on the panel, namely for the clothes.

And like like many of us, isn’t a fan of Louis’ tendency to take forever to reach a decision.

Like, seriously, what is his problem?

We feel you, Anna.

Into The Woods is in cinemas nationwide January 9 2015.

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