Anna Kendrick: ‘It’s Important That Pitch Perfect 2 Doesn’t Go After Women’s Looks’ – EXCLUSIVE

She is known for being fantastically outspoken and hilarious in equal measures so it is no surprise that the gorgeous Anna Kendrick had a lot to say when it came to the release of her hit comedy film Pitch Perfect 2.

Returning to her role of Beca, the acapella songstress who was welcomed into The Bella’s arms with her quirky ‘Cup Song’, Anna told us that it felt like no time had passed at all between herself and her castmates as they all got together for the much-anticipated sequel.

Referencing the rivalry between her character and the leader of The Bella’s rival group, ‘Das Sound Machine’ in the film, Anna exclusively told us that the enemies petty squabbles are a crucial representation of the girls’ relationship.

She explained to us: “Beca is not the kind of person who would necessarily be good at insulting other people, even though she wants to be tough and collected and say the right thing.

“That really tickled me, that she would just angrily compliment her instead of actually getting in a solid insult.

“I hadn’t really thought about it but even Kommissar (Brigitte Hjort Sorensen), she is quite good at making me feel like an inferior acapella opponent but the women never go after eachother’s looks.”

And even when references were made about the star’s physical appearance, the crew were sure to check in that Anna was a-okay about it, she adds: “She (Kommissar) calls me small, but that’s more of a sporting technique – and the writer checked in with me and asked if it was okay if they called me a ‘tiny mouse’.

“I was like ‘tiny mouse is the cutest thing you could call me, so please call me’, now when she emails me she calls me ‘tiny mouse’, it’s quite sweet.”

We literally couldn’t think of a more adorable nickname, tbh.

Despite having an absolute blast shooting the film, Anna does admit to us that it wasn’t all fun and games – calling her incredible scenes with none other than ACTUAL Snopp Dogg “the most humiliating” moment of her life.

Sharing her cringeworthy day with the rapper, she tells us: “It was amazing and terrifying and simultaneously the coolest and most humiliating day of my life.


“I had to sing ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ in front of Snoop, which sort of negated being able to say to my brother, ‘Oh, you know, just met Snopp Dogg today, no big deal… I had to sing a Christmas Carol for children in front of him but other than that…’

“It was a good day.”

We’re just glad to hear that even the all round fabulous Anna Kendrick still tries to nab those prestigious cool points with her siblings.

See? These stars really aren’t all that different from the rest of us.

Pitch Perfect 2 Is Released In UK Cinemas On Friday May 15 2015

Jason Weisberger

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