Antony Costa Thought His Baby Daughter Was Dying When She Suffered A Terrifying Fit

Blue star Antony Costa was over the moon when he and his fiancee, Rosanna Jasmin, welcomed their baby daughter, Savannah, into the world just eight months ago.

However, last week the couple faced a horrifying ordeal when their little “princess” suffered a dramatic fit, leaving the helpless new parents absolutely terrified that Savannah was going to die.

33-year-old Antony has now opened up about the moment his daughter fell ill, explaining that he and Rosanna really did believe that they were going to lose her.

Writing for The Mirror, the emotional star recalled: “We had gone to an open evening at the hotel where we are planning to get married. We had Savannah with us, and although she had been suffering from a bit of a cold, she seemed fine.

“Rosanna was holding Savannah and we were tasting the Wedding cakes that were on display. Then suddenly Rosanna noticed Savannah’s head had tilted and her eyes were rolling back.

“In a second, she started shaking and going stiff in Rosanna’s arms. Then her lips turned blue.

“We didn’t know what was happening. We really thought she was dying. Rosanna started screaming and crying and shouting for help, I was in total shock, and ran to get someone to call an ambulance.”

Thankfully, Rosanna’s mother’s instinct kicked in and she managed to remember a film that showed a baby being resuscitated that she’d seen just a few days earlier, Anthony continued: “She put her coat on the dance floor and laid Savannah on top of it.

“Rosanna remembered some of the stuff we had seen – and laid Savannah on her side and tilted her head. If she hadn’t, she could have choked. Then we stripped her down as she was so hot.

“It was awful seeing our baby like that. We felt helpless. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, we really thought we were losing her. Rosanna was begging Savannah to stay with us. The fit must have lasted for ten minutes but it seemed like an eternity.”

Thankfully a doctor soon turned up, the singer explained: “That woman was amazing. She kept reassuring us Savannah was okay while we waited for paramedics.

“Finally they arrived and took her into the ambulance. By this point, Savannah was drowsy and sleepy – she was exhausted.

“Doctors told us Savannah had a virus which had made her temperature shoot up, and had thrown her into a fit called febrile convulsion.

“They couldn’t tell us if would happen to Savannah again, but they said it can happen to anyone  – children can suffer from them up to the age of five.

“The staff at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge were amazing and we salute all the midwives and nurses out there.”

Antony revealed that he was now taking a baby First Aid course and encouraged other parents to do the same, saying: “I wanted to talk about this because I think every parent should go on a first aid course, so everyone knows what to do if they’re faced wirth an emergency.

“Rosanna was the real hero. But it’s the worst thing as a parent thinking you are going to lose your baby and being so helpless.

“Luckily Savannah is on the mend, but we now carry a thermometer with us all the time so we can keep an eye on her temperature.

“She’s now back home and Rosanna can’t take her eyes off her – we are still finding it hard not to check on her every five minutes.

“The first dance at our wedding is going to be very emotional as we stand on the same spot where we thought we were going to lose our beautiful baby.”

We have to say, that entire thing sounds like any parent’s worse nightmare, we’re just so glad that little Savannah is okay.

Kudos to Antony for speaking out on such a difficult and terrifying experience in his life.

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