Despite three successive updates from Apple following a plethora of issues plaguing Apple iOS 13, potentially dangerous problems continue to pile up. At present, millions of iPhone owners are at risk of being hit by another wave of issues with the release of Apple iOS 13.1.2. Gordon Kelly of Forbes recently compiled in a report just a few out of the countless iPhone users reporting their issues with the latest iOS build.

Apple iOS 13.1.2 Causes More New Problems Instead of Being The Solution To Old Issues Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes chinese consumers prefer the iPhone 11 because of its aggressive pricing. (Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaiann Drance speaks onstage about the iPhone 11′s cameras during a product launch event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, california) photo: AFP / Josh Edelson

According to the report, the author was contacted by iPhone owners who have recently upgraded their smartphones to iOS 13 and discovered that they could barely make a call because of incessant call dropping. Apple, hoping to resolve the current issues, recently rolled out iOS 13.1.2. However, based on the report and complaints, it appears that instead of becoming a solution, the latest iOS build made matters worse.

The Twitter account of Apple Support has been receiving complaints from iPhone users who have recently upgraded their devices with iOS 13.1.2. A user named Brian Hinton reported that he has been experiencing calls dropping like crazy since he updated to iOS 13 and has gotten worse after updating again to iOS 13.1.2 the user claimed that he experience call dropping between 30 seconds to one minute.

The same is happening on the Cupertino-based tech giant’s Apple Communities. One user mentioned the same issue and received five pages of reply. All of these complaints underline the nasty circle of the bug-loaded iOS 13 update. Apple is forcing rapid-fire updates, which turn out to be creating more new issues themselves.

With the increasing number of users complaining about issues with the IOS 13.1.2, it seems that Apple is facing massive fires. These complaints are also very useful, especially to other users, so they could avoid updating their devices for now. Although the iOS 13 has a wide range of hidden features that iPhone owners would really appreciate, holding off, for now, would help the users avoid experiencing the same issues that some iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 13.1.2 are now complaining about.

Apple must resolve these issues related to iOS 13.1.2, and it must solve these issues real quick.