April Fools’ Day 2015: ALL The Best Celebrity Jokes

Alright, everyone, it’s safe to come out from under the duvet/desk/cupboard now, because April Fools’ Day 2015 is officially OVER.

Yep, midday has struck which means any April Fools prank you decide to play on someone now will apparently bring you bad luck and/or just a really bad reaction.

Still, 2015 has been another year of jokes and stories that have genuinely confused us all, so if you missed any, let’s refresh.

April Fools' Day 2015: ALL The Best Celebrity Jokes
By MazSight

They’re all miles better than all those years we tried to fool our parents into thinking we’d fallen out of bed before school, by the way. Why that never worked we’ll never know.

1. Vicky Pattison’s new job

Vicky Pattison and The Mirror definitely brought out our gullible side when they ‘reported’ that the Geordie Shore lass was switching newcastle for the US to become Kim Kardashian‘s personal trainer.

It was kinda early when we first saw this and if we’re honest, we kinda believed it. AGH.

Mirror Celeb claimed Vicky had told them: “I met Kim and Kanye when they were in London for the Brits last month. Our managers know each other so they introduced us and we got talking about Fitness.

“I was telling her about my workout DVD and nutritional products and Kim was well excited about it. She asked me there and then if I’d be up for going over to LA and training her myself.

“I was ecstatic like. I’m a massive fan of the Kardashians and it’s an opportunity I couldn’t let pass by. It’s a dream come true. I can’t believe it! Who would have thought I could end up doing this?!”

Vicky also APPARENTLY said she didn’t know how she was “going to handle that ass of hers,” and now we feel more gullible than ever.

2. Simon Cowell‘s ‘Siver’

Elsewhere, The Sun was claiming that Simon Cowell had agreed to appear on a limited edition £5 note, called the ‘Siver’. We actually weirdly want one please.

3. Sam Smith on Twitter

Sam Smith announced that he was straight, keeping it up for an hour before announcing that it was all a joke.

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