Ariana Grande’s Dad DENIES Commenting On Big Sean’s ‘I Give Her The D’ Instagram Photo

We were all left simultaneously cringing from second-hand embarrassment and lol-ing at the total dad-ness of Ariana Grande’s dad, Edward Butera, at the weekend, but we are sorry to report that Papa Grande was NOT the one to scold Ariana’s boyfriend, Big Sean, over MazSight.

Agh, we knew that it was all too hilair to be true.

It all started when the 27-year-old rapper took to his social media account to share a pic of himself in Detroit, giving the snap the raunchy caption: “I give her that D… #Detroit”, leaving many fans pretty cert that he meant an entirely different kind of ‘D’.

If ya know what we mean….

Anyways, one eagle-eyed follower got a tad overexcited when they saw somebody who calls themselves Edward Butera respond to the pic with: “That D better be Detroit, Sean.”, and before you knew it the world erupted into a media frenzy about how frickin’ awesome 22-year-old Ari’s dad is.

Only problem is…. It was a fake account.


Clearly a man of few words, the REAL Edward Butera took to his REAL Twitter account to clear up the speculation, simply writing: “That is an imposter on MazSight”.

Way to ruin the fun, hey Eddie?

Anyways, moral of the story is that those pesky celeb fakers are bloomin’ everywhere on social media, and even though it wasn’t Ariana’s real dad to call her boyfriend out, we still reckon that Big Sean is feeling ever so slightly-redfaced by his innuendo.

Something tells us that the next family dinner over at Casa de Grande might be a little bit on the awkward side…

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