Ashton Kutcher Tricks Internet With Fake Baby ‘Nesting’ Photo As Mila Kunis’ Due Date Looms Closer


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting their first baby any day now, but before the stork makes its delivery the excited parents-to-be have been preparing for their new arrival in a BIG way.

Taking to Twitter to share a rare, personal insight into his and Mila’s lives, Ashton posted an image of ‘their’ living room alongside the caption: “Nesting…. Too much?”

Apart from, anybody whose seen Two And A Half Men might recognise that is in fact the set of the hit sitcom. 

Hm, either Ashton lives in a television studio or he is pulling our leg.

Whilst we now know that the couple haven’t opened their doors to us Cribs style, we can’t help but wonder where exactly all the OTHER stuff came from?

Whilst it most definitely is the Two And A Half Men’s living room, the five life-size stuffed animals, indoor slide, and carbon copy of a Star Wars robot are most definitely new additions.

Did Ashton actually raid the props department just to post this fake photo?

We have to say that we were a little relieved to find that this isn’t the couple’s actual way of nesting, as the things that they appeared to be buying for baby Kutcher-Kunis seemed a little bit, erm, excessive?

Sure, there are all of these weird and wonderful toys for older children but there didn’t appear to be a playmat or jumperoo in sight which made us think that Ash was a little bit off the mark with his priorities.

We should have known that notoriously private Ashton and Mila wouldn’t share a photo of their actual nursery, and we’re sure that the real deal is full of all baby-appropriate knick knacks. 

Aside from the slightly random internet trickery, 36-year-old Ashton and 31-year-old Mila are pretty much Hollywood’s version of the modern day fairytale.

The two met on the set of That 70s Show back in 1998, where they played a teenage couple with Ashton even ending up being a then-15-year-old Mila’s first kiss, with her later revealing that she was super nervous because she had a massive crush on him.


However, they didn’t get together in real life until 2012, with a whole host of other boyfriends, girlfriends, and even a marriage to Demi Moore inbetween.

Phew, they’re like the Ross and Rachel of showbiz.

Ash has made no secret of his excitement to be a father, apparently not letting Mila out of his sight the further along she got in her pregnancy, and he has already expressed a desire to have more kids following their Wedding, which is expected to take place next summer.

We have to hand it to them both, we think they are going to make great parents.

Even if they were to opt for a lifesize gorilla, indoor slide, and Star Wars robot.

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