Band Aid 30: Sir Bob Geldof Swearing Gets Interview Pulled From Live TV

A passionate Sir Bob Geldof was pulled from a live interview for swearing earlier on today after he was asked about the Band Aid 30 singers’ taxes.

The 63-year-old Live Aid founder was being interviewed on Sky News, and when he was asked what he thought about the idea that the singers involved could help more if they paid their taxes rather than sing – he responded with one short sentence.

Sir Bob, who seemed less than happy with the question, frankly replied: “I think they’re talking b*****ks.”

Well, that certainly is a no-nonsense approach to dealing with criticism.

The reporter quickly apologised to viewers for Bob’s “colourful language” then asked the Boomtown Rat’s singer to not swear again, but after being asked another question which slammed the single for “perpetuating myths” about Africa he repeated his first statement and was cut-off.

Leaving the journalist interviewing him rather embarrassed as she apologised profusely for the music legend’s defence of Band Aid 30 and its singers.

But it is for charity, so you can kind-of understand why Bob might have got a little shirty about people bad-mouthing the track and its participants.

The single Do They Know It’s Christmas Time, which was unveiled on X Factor at the weekend, has been released today to raise money to fight the current ebola epidemic, and made one million pounds in just five minutes.

The charity single features the likes of One Direction, Bastille, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith – whilst original Band Aid singer, Bono, has also reprised his role.

And while all this tax hoo-haa might be an important question we can’t help but feel people should be less cynical about something that is genuinely trying to help combat a terrible virus.

After all, it is getting round to the season of ‘Good will to all men and women’…

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