Barbara Windsor Slams ‘Unprofessional’ Young EastEnders Actors – But She Loves Danny Dyer

EastEnders’ veteran Barbara Windsor has been slagging off the young cast members of the hit BBC One soap opera, claiming that they are “unprofessional” and could do with an actual masterclass from her to show ‘em how it’s done.

Cor, Babs, say what you really think why don’t you.

The actress had a very public falling out with Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat Slater on the show, a little while back after Jess was continuously late to set, and now she has dubbed the issue “a generational thing”, with young stars apparently being too preoccupied by their phones in this day and age.

Speaking to Yours magazine, Barbara explained: “I like things to be right. It’s common knowledge I fell out with Jessie because she was late sometimes.

“But everybody was late or talking on their mobiles. I don’t like that but it’s a generational thing. It’s difficult. If they’re not taught it, then it’s not there.

“A lot of young stars haven’t had to work their way up. June Brown, who plays Dot Cotton, says I should provide a masterclass for those starting out.”

Yikes. Something tells us that Babs would make a bit of a scary teacher.

Despite not being all that impressed by the fresh young thangs on ‘Enders, the star was full of compliments for new kid on the block, Danny Dyer, who has followed in Peggy’s footsteps as Queen Vic landlord, Mick Carter.

She dished: “I love the show, it’s wonderful it’s doing so well. They’ve taken risks and it’s paid off.

“To take an actor like Danny Dyer, for instance – a good actor but one with a bit of a reputation – and put him in a place where, as Mick Carter, he has to push himself.

“He’s created this wonderful character. Mick’s just so nice and has a real Fifties feel about him.”

We couldn’t agree more, babes.

And it’s nice to know that she didn’t take it too personally when Mick told Pegs to get outta his pub, eh?

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