“Batwoman” started off with a major twist. Alice, the demented villain who took Sophie hostage, is actually Kate’s presumed-dead sister Beth. That means the sisters will be fighting all season on the CW’s DC Comics adaptation, and actress Rachel Skarsten told International business Times all about Alice’s sisterly love.

Is Batwoman (Ruby Rose) actually Alice’s (Skarsten) biggest weakness? “Yeah, 100%. I think that there’s no one else Alice really loves in the same way, and I think for any evil character, love presents a particular dilemma,” she told IBT and a small group of reporters a New York Comic Con.

“I think that love, albeit twisted, is the underlying thing that drives Alice throughout this entire season and probably has driven her throughout her entire life, really, especially since they parted,” she added.

In the pilot, viewers learned that Kate was saved from a car accident by Batman, but he couldn’t save her mom and sister in time. The car went over the bridge into a river, but Beth’s body was never found. Now going by Alice, Kate’s sister has been targeting their father Jacob (Dougray Scott). Kate’s return to Gotham will make that more difficult, though.

Skarsten teased that their sisterhood will make fighting that much harder. Kate wants to save Gotham while Alice wants to destroy their father. They don’t want to kill each other, though.

“Without giving away too much, it’s been very interesting to see these flashes in Alice where it’s definitely her Achilles’ heel,” Skarsten elaborated. “I think the same is true for Kate and Batwoman because they’re the ultimate foes, and they should want to destroy one another but they can’t.”

Expect to see more of Alice’s path from Beth to supervillain. The actress said many characters in “Batwoman” get flashbacks, including Alice.

“You will definitely very much understand how Alice got to the point that she is now, and I think that will continue to evolve as the show goes on,” she teased.

For Skarsten, the blonde villain is one of the most layered characters she has ever played. She explained how audiences will see bits of the child she was mixed with the layers of evil. That doesn’t mean a good guy is hiding underneath her Wonderland gang exterior.

“Alice is definitely the most complex because she was very broken as a child and that now affects who she is today,” she said. “But I think she still carries a lot of who she was with her. And she has real genuine moments where you see who she was, but then she has moments where she’s just downright evil. She’s bad. There’s no two ways about it. So dancing between those two, I always say it’s like choreographing a dance with myself.”

“Batwoman” Season 1 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.

‘Batwoman’ Star Rachel Skarsten Reveals Alice’s Biggest Weakness Rachel Skarsten (right) says Kate (Ruby Rose, left) is Alice’s biggest weakness in “Batwoman” Season 1. photo: Katie Yu/The CW