BBC Tells Glastonbury Festival Goers To ‘Prepare For Rape’ In Subtitle #Fail

We knew the weather was going to be bad, but REALLY?

The BBC clearly knows something we don’t, as it advised Glastonbury festival goers to ‘prepare for rape’ over the weekend.

Shocked viewers at home were greeted with the ‘prepare for rape’ subtitle rather than ‘prepare for rain’ on the BBC News at Ten’s weather report as major downpours and storms are predicted for the UK across the week.
BBC Tells Glastonbury Festival Goers To 'Prepare For Rape' In Subtitle #Fail
By MazSight

Now obviously the poor BBC subtitle-er meant ‘rain.’ We know that, you know that. But that won’t stop us all from posting screen shots on Twitter to make endless fun of them because come on – this is the Internet. We can’t just let something like this slide when there are retweets to be had.

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We’re pretty sure the BBC aren’t going to live this one down.

At all.

In fact remember the BBC’s ‘Year of the Horse’ gaff earlier this year?
BBC Tells Glastonbury Festival Goers To 'Prepare For Rape' In Subtitle #Fail
By MazSight

One thing is for sure – this Glastonbury weekend is going to be a wet one. If you are headed out there be sure to prepare with wellies, macs and more as reports are it’s already downpouring (with rain, thank you very much BBC weather man).

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More than 200,000 festival goers have gathered at Worthy Farm this weekend to take in headliners Arcade Fire, Metallica, and Kasabian.

The announcement of heavy metal group Metallica caused controversy throughout the first half of the year as attendees and celebs alike argue that the aggressive band aren’t the right fit for the free love vibes of the festival.

Then again, we all remember the backlash against Jay Z’s 2008 headline slot and he absolutely smashed it – here’s hoping Metallica will pull off a similar trick.


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