Benedict Cumberbatch And Sophie Hunter Will Get Married Before Their Baby Is Born

If you were planning to attend Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wedding to Sophie hunter, then you better get hat-shopping sharpish, as the big day is a whole lot sooner than we think.

According to new reports, invites have already been sent out, and the actor had to settle for a good old-fashioned email to a few of his nearest and dearest as he and Soph want to tie the knot before she gives birth to their first child, who is due in the early summer.

It basically means that after Benedict has got that little matter of an Oscar nomination out of the way, it should be full speed ahead as he and 36-year-old Sophie plan for both their wedding and their bundle of joy.


A source, who fancies themself to be a bit close to the star, revealed: “The invitations have gone out already, which is very quick.

“It’s shocked a few people but they want their special day to happen before they have the baby.

“The details have been sent out in an email rather than a paper invitation as time is of the essence.

“They’re planning the perfect day. Life couldn’t be much better for them at the moment.”

Beautiful stuff.

It is though that only close friends and family have been invited to the intimate do, and they have all been sworn to secrecy on the location.

Come on, Benedict, we’re practically bezzies – where is our invite, eh?

The lovebirds announced their engagement with a fancy pants announcement in the Times newspaper back in November, just five months after they were first spotted together watching tennis at Wimbledon.

An Oscar nom, a baby, and a wedding… Sounds to us like 2015 is definitely a year that Benedict will remember!

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