Benedict Cumberbatch denies dating Liv Tyler (phew)

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of our all time guilty crushes.

Benedict Cumberbatch denies dating Liv Tyler (phew)
By MazSight

And so we felt more than a little bit green with envy at the idea the British actor might be dating gorgeous American Liv Tyler.

The pair were spotted out and about together in these cute pictures on Tuesday evening after heading to the Arclight Cinerama Dome together.

They were *also* spotted together at an Emmy’s party on Sunday night. Oooo.

And although there was no obvious hand-holding/gazing into each other’s eyes/lovey dovey behaviour, the gossip rumour mill soon sprung into action and declared them a couple.

However, according to the Mail Online today, Mr Sherlock Holmes himself’s publicist has flat out denied that the two are a couple saying: "They are not dating".

Benedict Cumberbatch denies dating Liv Tyler (phew)
By MazSight

Selfishly, this leaves us breathing a rather large sigh of relief (as if we have a chance but we can always dream).

Benedict and Liv are reportedly starring together in a film adaptation of Scott Organ’s play Phoenix, which could explain why they’ve got all chummy.

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Both are absolutely single, though, with Benedict (who was with actress olivia Poulet for 10 years) famously admitting he has no luck with women.

Liv was married to Royston Langdon and dated Joaquin Phoenix for three years.

Meanwhile in other news in the land of celebrity couplings, Adrian Chiles and Catherine Tate have got us *GAWPING* this morning after news that they are the newest pair on the block.

After she dated Jason Orange of Take That fame, we didn’t think pairings could get any odder. But hey ho.

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