Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Engaged And Sherlock Fans Are Actually Really Happy About It

It must be hard dating a celeb.

The story goes that if you are lucky enough to be dating/ engaged to/ married to a popular, male celebrity, then you need to brace yourself for the barage of hate and cruel, trolling comments that will be coming your way.

Fans are built up to be absolutely crazy, solely focused on marrying their fave celeb and willing to do literally anything to stop anybody else from having them.

So we can imagine that a certain Sophie hunter was feeling slightly worried when she and Benedict Cumberbatch officially announced their happy engagement news, with a very old-fashioned newspaper advertisement earlier today.

As you do.

And whilst some people were quick to plug their ears in anticipation of the shrills and cries from the hoards of broken-hearted Benedict fans, what actually happened was actually quite remarkable.

The fans… Were… Really happy?!

We mean, just because the fans weren’t sharpening their pitchforks and writing nasty letters, it doesn’t mean that they were totally emotionless about the heartbreaking news.

Some people were crying happy tears for the Sherlock star:

Others just needed to eat their feelings and all would be okay:

We’ve ALL been there before. 

Some found themselves with an actual physical ailment as a result of the big news:

And this person had a particularly rough time with it all:

Well, to be fair, her entire life plan had gone to pot… Still, not a death threat or nasty comment in sight though.

Kudos Cumberbatch fans, kudos.

Then there were the less dramatic individuals.

Such as this opportunist who just tried to blag themself a day off school, and you can’t help but admire the effort:

This individual who was just mad about all the extra paperwork that she had to do:

And this person, who moved on with pretty remarkable speed:

Of course there was this girl, who was asking the REAL, need-to-know questions:

Don’t lie, it was the question on all of our lips.

And finally, there was the person who, amidst all of the chaos and happiness, didn’t seem to have a clue about WHAT was going on:

Shall we tell them?

Or just let them stay blissfully unaware of the much larger Benedict Cumberbatch issue at hand?

It’s clear to see that although there have been a wide ol’ range of reactions and emotions in light of the news that one of our fave actors is going to be officially off the market, none of them were mean, negative, or full of hate.

Congratulations to the Cumberbatch fandom, you have done the community proud. 

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