Benedict Cumberbatch To Pose As Kim Kardashian In A Bid To Break The Internet? WATCH

We are fully behind this proposal.

Kim Kardashian might not have technically ‘broken the internet’ when she oiled up her bum and posed nude on the cover of Paper magazine, but we reckon Benedict Cumberbatch might just manage it if he does the same.

The Sherlock actor was chatting to US talk show host, Jon Stewart, when the topic came up and while Benedict didn’t necessarily say ‘yes’, he DEFINITELY didn’t say no…

We’re just going to keep our fingers crossed and be hopeful…

The interview starts with Jon seemingly hitting on Benedict (who wouldn’t) as he says: “I want to rip off your clothes and sell them on ebay, I don’t know why.”

Predictably charming Benedict replies: “I think we can come to some arrangement,” which prompts Jon to drop the almighty clanger.

The host suggests: “I think if you were to go on the internet and oil up your backside and bare it in a Kardashian like pose… This planet could end.”

The English gentleman politely laughs and nods, adding: “Satellites will crash”.


Interestingly enough, this isn’t actually the first interview we have had this week of Benedict talking bums and butts, with his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show also leaving the 38-year-old in a fluster.

All the pair had to do was take it in turns to construct a story using three words each at a time.

So far, so easy.

The twist was, however, that the object of the game was to steer each other to a say secret word from a deck of cards.

And Benedict’s word? Booty. Cue more British umm-ing and err-ing since Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Highlights from Benedict’s attempts included ‘A beautiful, big…’ and ‘You’ve gotta shake..’ and, of course, ‘Kim Kardashian’s butt’.

It was a classic and made us fall in love with Benedict and his polite, very British ways, all over again.

Long may the butt talk continue.

And, hopefully, a cheeky bum photo for good measure….

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