Bestival 2014: The 15 Best Bits On Social Media Including Inflatable Weddings And Albino Peacocks

It’s all drawn to a close.
Bestival 2014: The 15 Best Bits On Social Media Including Inflatable Weddings And Albino Peacocks
By MazSight

Bestival marks the end of the UK music festival season for another year. Time to put away the wellies, roll up the sleeping bag, and stare endlessly at all the pics you took as the weather steadily turns wet and grey. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be all over! We’ve got the best bits on social media from Bestival that you may have missed including Weddings and disco ball selfies! Check out our list below for these moments and more.

1. Jess started the festival with style.

2. Nile Rodgers was all over the important things.

3. But still had some time for the small stuff like breaking world records.

4. It is REALLY big btw. The festival officially broke the Guinness World Record for Biggest Disco Ball on Sunday night! It’s over 10 metres in diameter! Next to Nile Rodgers for scale.
And here it is in action courtesy of Dan le Sac!

5. Peter Hook tried to make a last minute schedule change to the line up. Looks legit to us.

6. The biggest Sam Smith fan at Bestival, maybe even THE WORLD.

7. Speaking of Sam Smith – he went in disguise as the Pound Shop version of Honey Monster! And apparently it worked like a charm!
8. Which didn’t stop him from suffering the next morning.
9. Badly.

10. Of all the mirror ball selfies taken over the weekend, Dan le Sac’s is one of our favourites.
11. It was Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip’s final together ever this weekend at Bestival! Here they are right after finishing for the last time. Note the quiet, dignity and grace.
12. The Police Rave Unit.

13. A Bestival gnome…

And his Bestival home.

14. For all you little girls dreaming of being married in an inflatable church.

15. Though the question really is: Can they be this couple one day?

And THAT was Bestival 2014! Share your favourite moments, memories and more in the comments below.

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