Beyonce Accused Of Photoshopping Thighs In Latest Instagram Pic

What’s going on, Bey?

For the second time in four months, Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping her thighs before posting a flippin’ gorgeous pic online

However, despite the fact that last time we came to the conclusion that the internet was just wildly over-reacting, and Bey absolutely did NOT spend hours slaving over photoshop to achieve a thigh gap, this time we can’t be so sure.

Whilst the above snap was clearly just a case of flattering body angles and the existance of body fat, you know, to survive, Bey’s latest photo appears to show the table, sofa, and even her phone to be slightly curved and distorted – the tell-tale signs of (bad) photoshopping.

Confused fans commented on the photo, calling her out for photoshopping, with most pointing out the suspicious curve on her iPhone, with one saying: “Is it just me or does her iPhone look warped? Hmm… Photoshop? But if so, why? She is stunning.”

Another added: “Why yo phone curved and ya thigh look dented? Edit perhaps?”

And our favourite piece of motivational advice for Queen Bey: “TBH, I know you and Jay are going through some things but it’ll all be okay,” commented one fan, “You don’t have to photoshop your pics but you can sing really well.”

Our sentiments exactly.

The thing is, if the 32-year-old megastar wants to photoshop her images then that’s fine – go ahead. 

But what really confuses us is WHY when she has one of the hottest bodies ever to exist? Like, in the entire world?

And if she really, really, really has to… Then why was it done so, well, badly?

There are probably 14-year-olds on Tumblr who could have made more subtle touch-ups than that, and then nobody would have been any wiser and we all could have marveled at her hotness without a second thought.

Beyonce is worth millions – surely she could afford to get her photos touched up professionally if she really wanted to?

It just doesn’t make much sense.

This isn’t the only drama going down with Beyonce at the moment, ever since that whole thing with her sis Solange, Jay Z and the elevator the power couple have been plagued with divorce rumours which Bey seems eager to quash through the power of Instagram.

Amid reports that their husband and wife tour was due to be cut short due to trouble in paradise, Bey and Jay posted a loved up snap to her social media page, followed a couple of days later by the above shot of her not-so-subtle ‘J+B’ nail art. 

Does she protest a little too much, perhaps?

Well, whatever’s going on with her marriage and whatever may or may not be photoshopped, we love Queen Bey regardless.


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