Beyonce And Jay Z To Collaborate On New Album As Video Emerges Of Bey In Lip Sync FAIL

We think she’d hoped nobody had noticed.

Beyonce might be left a little bit red-faced after a video of her forgetting to lip sync whilst miming during a performance on her On The Run Tour has emerged.

Oh dear.

Falling at the last hurdle, it happened on the final weekend of her and Jay Z’s 21-date tour so who can blame her for getting a little bit slapdash with it all?

But that doesn’t make the fact that she was caught mouthing along to her song ‘Partition’ any more acceptable.


The video surfaced on MazSight and shows the 33-year-old superstar giving a pitch perfect rendition of a fan favourite song, however, when she moves the microphone away from her mouth as she bends down to let the adoring crowd touch her, the flawless vocal track continues playing.

Realising her mistake, and probably hoping that nobody had noticed, Beyonce casually whips the mic back to her mouth and goes right back into lip-syncing along to the words like it’s no big deal.

The fans who caused the blooper were probably far too excited about the fact that their idol had TOUCHED THEM to notice that her mouth had stopped moving yet the track had continued playing and she probably would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the fact that it was caught on camera.

This isn’t the first time that the popstar has been caught miming, having famously lip-synced the national Anthem at President Obama’s Inauguration.

However, at least we know that the entire set list wasn’t mimed, considering Jay Z made a crafty lyric change to his song Beach Is Better to STRONGLY IMPLY that he and Bey are expecting baby number two. 

But if the singer IS pregnant, she has no desire to sit back and put her feet up anytime soon as it has been reported that she and Jay Z have definitely not got sick of each other (and yes, again, definitely aren’t planning on splitting) after spending so much time touring together and are now planning to collaborate on a brand new album. 

Dash radio’s DJ Skee broke the news on air after apparently getting word that the power couple are planning on dropping the album in late 2014 or early 2015.


And if they have a joint album surely that calls for another joint tour?

Hopefully Bey will either opt to sing live or put in some miming lessons before that one takes place!

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