Beyonce Caught Checking Jay Z’s Phone As She Keeps Stomach Hidden Amidst Pregnancy Rumours

Beyonce and Jay Z left Blue Ivy with a babysitter as they enjoyed a date night at the basketball yesterday evening, but judging from the pics it looks as though Bey was a lot more interested in what her husband was doing on his phone than the actual game.

Which, to be fair, we can totally get behind – who wants to watch boring sport when you could be watching a juicy What’sApp convo? Or an intense game of Candy Crush?

After spending months, and probably every ounce of energy that they have, trying to dispel split rumours following THAT incident with Solange in the elevator, the singer giving Jay’s phone the most serious case of side-eye that we have ever seen will no doubt raise questions.

Is the singer keeping tabs on him? Or is she just seriously peeved that the 45-year-old is spending what is supposed to be their romantic evening glued to his phone?

We mean, he is sitting next to bloomin’ BEYONCE – what else could there possibly be to look at other than her beauty?!

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old continued to add fuel to those ‘second pregnancy’ rumours as she kept her arms firmly across her middle, ensuring that her tummy was covered up, throughout the entire B-Ball game.

Suspicious, eh?

The rumours that Blue Ivy is expecting a baby sibling later this year have been going on for friggin’ ages, but heated up massively over the last couple of day, with some sources now claiming that they absolutely know for sure that Beyonce is having a little boy, despite us not technically knowing for sure if she is pregnant at all.

According to an insider for InTouch, Bey and Jay are “both elated” with the news and have strutted off to Thailand and Cambodia to celebrate a “baby moon.”

Which is totally a thing, apparently.

The insider added that Jay was chuffed to bits that he was finally getting a son, saying: “There’s no question that he adores Blue, but he’s felt an emptiness not having a little boy.

“When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage — Jay is 150-percent invested now.”

Erm, we’re sure that this source deffo knows everything about Beyonce’s womb, but we’re still going to take this with a pinch of salt until we get an official confirmation.

So come on Bey, just TELL US already.

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