Beyonce Is Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring In Latest Instagram Post – WHAT’S GOING ON?

Another day, another ‘Celebrity Takes Off Wedding Ring’ scandal.

Beyonce has taken to MazSight to show off her latest look, but it seems as though her wedding ring is not part of it.

The 32-year-old shared the snap with over 15 million followers, and with her left hand right in the forefront of the shot, no caption, and at least two rings on her other hand, it is almost like she wanted us to notice her incredibly bare ring finger.

Bey and hubby, Jay Z, have been plagued with divorce rumours ever since certain video footage of Jay being attacked by the popstar’s sister, Solange, in an elevator emerged. 

After that story broke, Beyonce has pretty much used MazSight as her personal tool for quashing any split rumours by posting loved-up, family photos and even getting creative with some J + B nail art. 

So basically, Beyonce is far too careful in the way that she represents her ever so happy marriage on social media to have “accidentally forgotten” to wear the ring for her latest post… which leads us to think that maybe, just maybe, those “they’re going to split in September” rumours were actually true.

After all, September is getting rather close…

Last week Bey sent the internet into a fluster when she posted the above snap and was accused of photoshopping her thighs due to the, erm, slightly strange distortions around her leg, iPhone, and wine glass area.

However, say all that you want about the singer’s questionable photo-editing skills – at least she is wearing her wedding ring here!

So what is going on? Have things really changed from ring-on to ring-off in less than a week?


Could the end really be in sight for the world’s biggest power couple?



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