Beyonce’s Birthday: Her Most Adorable Blue Ivy Instagram Pics

She’s been fiercely private about her family.

But luckily for us, Beyoncé does treat her fans to a candid snap or two of her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy every now and then. These backstage buddies are a seriously sweet pair, and when you throw in Daddy Jay Z to the mix, you’ve got a terrific trio of cuteness.

As the singer celebrates her 33rd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most adorable Blue Ivy MazSight pics.

1. Lift off

Jay Z gave his muscles a work out lifting his two girls.

He couldn’t *quite* lift his wife as high as his daughter, but we appreciate the effort. And the effort is written all over Jay’s face in that shot on the right.

Love how Bey and Blue’s mouths are both open in delight.

2. Say my name

Beyoncé is master at sharing pics of Blue that don’t show her face but still capture her awesomeness.

In case you were wondering who’s ensconced in that cool lil jacket, it’s Miss Blue Carter.

A personalised studded biker jacket on a toddler? Too. Cute. Loving the boots too, Blue.

3. Blue kisses

“Blue kisses”

OMG how adorable are these two?

Beyoncé and Blue shared a kiss and Mumma shared the cute shot with the rest of us. Heart. Melts.

4. Weeeeeee

No, we’re not referring to urine, but to the squeal of glee that no doubt issued forth from Blue’s mouth.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s nothing much more fun than swinging from your parents’ hands as you walk down the street.

Blue’s floral outfit complete with flowers in her hair makes this carefree snap all the more adorable.

5. JayZBlue

“My favorite hue is JayZ Blue”

Err how amaze is Blue’s hat? Just sayin’.

Bey captured this cute shot of her hubby and bubby on the sand, giving us holiday envy and an ovary ache all in one go. Good work, Queen B.

Keep sharing those adorable pics please Bey, we love going all googoogaga.

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