Bianca Gascoigne Uses A ‘Waist Trainer’ Corset To Clinch In Her Middle – OUCH.

It doesn’t look like the most comfortable get-up if we’re honest.

Bianca Gascoigne has shared a snap of herself trying out the latest weight loss fad of a ‘waist training’ corset.

The 27-year-old glamour model, and daughter of troubled footballer Paul Gascoigne, is following in the footsteps of many other celebs, including Jessica Alba, in a bid to shed inches from her waist.


Although despite tweeting that she is “excited” for the corset to “work it’s magic”, at least she isn’t going quite as cray cray as Jessica did…

The actress wore not one but TWO corsets all day and night back in 2011, all in a bid to return to her trademark flat stomach after the birth of her second daughter.

Jess said of the experience: “It was brutal, it’s not for everyone. It was sweaty but worth it.”

Kim Kardashian is also a fan of the latest waist-clinching trend, sharing a photo of herself wearing it on MazSight and commenting that she sleeps in it too.

All in a bid to whittle some inches from their waistline.

We have to admit, although it’s probably not the most comfortable way to lose weight, it does look a lot more tempting than other, more ‘normal’ methods of cutting out the junk and exercising your butt off.

But we just have so many questions – HOW does it do it?

Where do the extra inches go?


If someone can please find out and get back to us that would be FAB, thanks.

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